The Roving Angel - Carleton

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Conceptual history


For thirty years I have been researching street performers in Japan, Sao
Paulo, Amsterdam, Germany, Paris, London, Chicago, Los Angeles and San
Francisco. I was most impressed when I saw a young woman on the
boardwalk on the North Sea near Amsterdam. Her character was Marie
Antoinette. What was unique about her was that she got dressed and did
her makeup in front of the public. I realized at that moment how much
people are fascinated with process. They love to see the before and after.
A street performer must also be charming, exude good will, a non-
threatening persona and celebrate a joy of interacting with every receptive
person. He must also have the sensitivity to respect those who are non-

The Roving Angel is a performance art piece. I first began performing in
2004 at the Old Water Tower because it represents the spirit of Chicago.
The beauty and elegance of this structure, the sole survivor of the Chicago
fire, is the heart of Chicago. Unfortunately, the city has banned performers
from this location and also from Millennium Park. The aldermen do not care
what entices the tourists and gives flavor to the city. They only want to
show off a sterilized view of the architecture. One of the few locations
that I enjoy working is in front of the Wrigley building and The Chicago Art
Institute. These locations also have a special history and majesty
showcasing Chicago.

The Roving Angel is a good will ambassador, inviting everyone to join in a
brief moment of entertainment, laughter and creating a fond memory. I am
excited to share the Roving Angel with the people of Chicago and our guests
to the city. I am confident that this will delight everyone and hopefully
become a symbol of the spirit of Chicago.

Tolerance is that key to acceptance and understanding that brings people to
this city. It is also the message I spread during my performance. Only
TOLERANCE on a personal, familial, cultural and religious level will bring
sanity to the world. Please be tolerant and kind to one another.

- Peace to you and yours –

Carleton 708-749-2123


The Roving Angel is the perfect guest to enhance your next event. The
Roving Angel begins as a stone statue.When everyone is convinced that he is
not real, the Roving Angel comes to life. Performing on roller-skates; he
glides over to welcome your guests. The skates create an eerie sense that
Roving Angel is flying. Moving quickly and silently, he maneuvers thru the
room to delight and surprise.

For Fund Raisers, a photo station may be set up and donations accepted to
have your picture taken with the Roving Angel. Inside his right sleeve are
white feather boas that are tenderly wrapped around ladies for their photo.
Inside his left sleeve are devils horns that are placed on the men.

An appearance of the Roving Angel has a very uplifting outcome on any