World Class Entertainment. 

Celebrating 37 years as a Chicago Mime.


CARLETON  THE MIME was one of the first street performers in Chicago.  His debut was at the Chess Pavilion near Oak Street Beach in the summer of 1972.  Soon after he began retail promotions for art galleries on Clark Street, Marshall Fields and Chas. A Stevens.  His first stage was at Kingston Mines when it was on Lincoln Ave. long before it became strictly Blues.  He taught at the Body Politic and St. Nicholas theatres prior to organizing the Chicago Mime Theatre.  Carleton  established the first Mime Week in Chicago, with a proclamation from the then Mayor Jane Byrne.  He was instrumental in the street skating fad with promotions for Lincoln Park Roller Works.  (Carleton still performs with the original Chicago skates he rented then purchased to do the promotions in 1973.)

Performing nationwide and internationally since that time, he has earned the reputation as one of the finest American Mime Artists.  Carleton was selected to represent the United States at the “Shanghai International Pantomime Festival” 1994 in China.  He is in a class of World Mime Performers and is the first American Mime to perform in China. In addition to a live mime and music concert tour, his mime & music ensemble appeared in four TV programs, viewed by over 200 million Chinese people.   Carleton also delivered a special letter of good will, as a representative of the City of Chicago, to the mayor of Shanghai from Mayor Richard M. Daley.

His signature character of Roving Mime in a White Tux and Roller Skates probably holds the record for skating through most festivals, hotels, museums and shopping malls in the Chicago land area.  The Art Institute, The Field Museum and the Shed Aquarium included.  He performed in concert and roving on Michigan Ave. at the first Taste of Chicago, at Navy Pier at the first ChicagoFest, the first State Street Festival, the inauguration of the Chicago Cultural Center and the early days of King Richard’s Faire.  Other street roving characters include UncleSamime, The Nutcracker and Roving Angel are also performed on skates.

He now performs regularly in nightclubs, at conventions, trade shows, retail promotions, festivals and colleges.  Carleton has also served residencies, teaching in colleges and professional theaters, including the Shanghai Theatre Academy at the request of the Chinese Bureau of Culture.  For three years he was the creative director and master instructor of the Chicago Mime Theatre.  He has appeared in many television commercials, industrial and educational films, and performed in an Emmy Award winning television special.  Mr. Carleton received a “Mastery of Performance Award” at the Chicago Festival of Original One Act Plays.  He was the recipient of a Silver Medal at the International Film and Television Festival of New York.  He was also a winner in the National Yoplait Mime Search, declaring Carleton as one of the foremost American Mimes.  Carleton was instrumental in establishing the first “National Mime Week” and “Mime Week in Chicago”.  He also wrote a workbook, film and seven public service announcements, in collaboration with the Chicago Heart Association, that was implemented nationally in an anti-smoking campaign for children.  He is also active in a drug and alcohol awareness program for Chicago and suburban schools.


A master storyteller, Carleton performs a stage concert with live music, and audience participation. The music accents the mood and the movement of the mime. It heightens the impact of the performance and creates a total audio-visual experience.   The music, created with brilliant timing and versatility, is improvised with a mixture of rock and roll, jazz and what might be best as described as cartoon accents.  The show is not your traditional silent mime. It is musical, funny and outrageously entertaining.  Carleton has performed throughout the United States, in Asia, Mexico and  Europe.  The primary objective of Carleton the Mime is to convey the emotional and intellectual messages of contemporary America. 


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